Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Steve Dressler 
CEO Worldwide Visuals and Audios, Inc.

January 12, 2013
Steve Dressler on guitar demo riffs rock tracks 
Detour On The Rocks Album..
BEST to listen to 4 tracks with PRO HEADPHONES 
*Electric Shock*
will blow your mind

Video Soundtrack production from Voices CD with Zuma Pro 4
Steve on Guitar future live performances with 
incredible 3D graphics from Zuma Pro 4 Real Time Music Visualizer

 Backstage soundtracks production 
 from his 2 CDS
Mind Transport and Voices


January 2010 Release: 
World Trade Center Construction Site Video
View this video @

Steve Dressler WWVA Inc. &
Location: NewYork: World Trade Center
A logistic construction video filmed in 2008
at New York City World Trade Center site.

The video shows how concrete is moved in
and out at the World Trade Center excavation site.
Valuable to investors worldwide
to view how construction sites operate
in New York City's World Trade Center.

An exciting and creative part of the video was made
while Arno Blickling was filming on the New Jersey Path train
entering World Trade Center excavation site station.
A unique perspective of viewing the site area below 
ground level.

Narration ,Video Editing, Soundtracks
Steve Dressler Worldwide Visuals And Audios, Inc.

Script and Video:
Arno Blickling Globe-Pm Inc.

Final Script Editing:
Xiobei Dong

Steve Dressler Worldwide Visuals and Audios Inc.